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Good Times Assurance Co.



Nicholaus Neptune is not a man - he is an event, an end unto itself, something to behold. He is the future. He is, all-in-all, the Forger and Wielder of Good Times. If you know, then you know; if you don’t, then perhaps you will one day.


Nick Neptune makes the good times happen - period. How, you may ask? By any means necessary. He plays the hot tracks, he gets it started, he keeps it going, he drops it low, he brings it back up, and does it all over again. You don’t dance, you say? Haha, we’ll see...


*Sigh* Mmk... The unknowing would call him a DJ, but he’s more than that; he’s an all-around party starter of infinite passion and energy. He drops the beats and moves the feets. He partners with good people to make sure their events become legend. And he’s got a perfect track record - ask around.

"Nick’s energy is contagious and sensational! Not only is he professional, enthusiastic, and passionate, there is something insanely raw, immediate, and emotional that you cannot help but to surrender and become a part of this world."

Vansana Nolintha
Co-Founder/Owner - Bida Manda

"The event was earth-shattering; even my 93 year-old grandmother was dancing into the early AM."

Matt Tomasulo
Co-Founder/Owner - Walk [Your City]

"You have never seen anything like Nick Neptune. He channels the spirit in a way you have to see to believe, and plays the collective heartbeat of the dance floor. Simply put, he's a force of nature."

Victor Lytvinenko
Co-Founder/Owner - Raleigh Denim Co.

"He's not just a DJ, he's a smooth-talking, rug-cutting, fire cracking set-list maestro. He's Nick Neptune!"

Paul Tuorto
Art Director - Baldwin&


Don’t worry about it - Nick Neptune will find you. If you know, you know; if you don’t, then maybe you will one day... maybe.nick.neptune@gmail.com